Asia Business and Culture Program 2014

October 14 - November 12, 2014

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ABC 2014 Aramco Case Study

Required Readings

Global Tectonics

Presently, FG is working on updating his book Global Tectonics: What Every Business Needs to Know, with relevant data forecasting out to 2050. Its publication will mark a decade since the release of the original book, which predicted the business arena out to 2025. With this new edition, the 12 global trends initially identified — such as shifts in population, changes in governance, and the rise of biotechnology — will be updated to reflect the current situation so that business leaders can better prepare for the future.


Japan: the third arrow of Abenomics.

July 2014. Deloitte.

Overview of Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s economic plans, as well as some of the current domestic and international Japanese economic and political issues.

Japan Encourages Young People to Date and Mate.

March 2014. International Business Times.

Overview of the problem of an aging population in Japan and its influence on future workers.

Japan and Korea

A Growing Chill Between South Korea and Japan Creates Problems for the U.S.

NY Times. 2013.

Summary of Korea-Japan relations including some comments on the roles/concerns of China and the US.


South Korea: S(e)oul Searching

Deloitte. 2012.

A traditionally consumer-based economy, South Korea might need to transition from a manufacturing economy to a service-based economy, as personal debts rise. Touches on cultural and economic issues.

Korea: Better Business Regulation and Improved Competitiveness

Doing Business. 2012.

Short overview of the economic environment in South Korea.

The Korean 2nd National Energy Plan

Heejip Kim.


China: Stepping into the unknown.

Deloitte. January 14, 2014.

Overview of the Chinese government’s plans to revolutionize and reform the country’s economy to be more transparent, more market-driven, and more stable.

China’s Rising Middle.

Stanford Business Review. Summer 2014.

The interview concisely discusses the slowdown in China’s growth, why it’s good for the world and for China, and the “middle-income trap.”

Ten forces forging China’s future.

July 2013. McKinsey and Company.

Overview of the 10 forces McKinsey has identified, from a rising upper-middle class to addressing environmental issues.

Recommended Readings

Emissions trading in China

China’s digital transformation.

McKinsey & Company. July 2014.

China's genuine green energy revolution.

Business Spectator. April 2014.

Recommended Viewings

China’s next chapter: The infrastructure and environmental challenge

McKinsey and Company.


General Presentation
Global Trends
Cross-Cultural Negotiations

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Senior Faculty and Program Facilitators

Fariborz Ghadar
Daniel Wilson


Dr. Moon, Young-Seok
Dr. Yoon-shik Park
Dr. BAI Quan
Dr. Shin