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Published in March of 2014, Becoming American: Why Immigration is Good for Our Nation’s Future combines in-depth research and analysis with the personal narratives of some of the United States’ most successful immigrants. Through its unique approach, the book aims to frame the current immigration in real terms.

Global Tectonics

Presently, FG is working on updating his book Global Tectonics: What Every Business Needs to Know, with relevant data forecasting out to 2050. Its publication will mark a decade since the release of the original book, which predicted the business arena out to 2025. With this new edition, the 12 global trends initially identified — such as shifts in population, changes in governance, and the rise of biotechnology — will be updated to reflect the current situation so that business leaders can better prepare for the future.

Petroleum Industry

FG is also well versed on the topic of the world’s energy use. Through his extensive research on Middle Eastern oil reserves, he has become a leading authority on the petroleum industry. He has also been able to identify what current trends in this industry mean for the world’s leading businesses and governments.


FG and his team are currently extending and expanding upon their clusters’ research initially compiled for the Global Tectonics book. Four fields — nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and robotics — have drawn particular interest, as multiple countries seem poised to imminently develop a cluster in these areas.

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Dr. Fariborz Ghadar, known as FG, is the William A. Schreyer Professor of Global Management Policies at the Smeal College and founding Director of The Center for Global Business Studies. Dr. Ghadar is also a consultant to a score of major corporations and governments throughout the world and was recently cited as one of the "Top 10 Thought Leaders and Practitioners of Strategic Coaching in 2004 and 2005".

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