Smeal MBA Program

FG teaches several second-year elective courses at the Smeal College of Business. His current courses focus on Global Finance and Global Strategy and Organization.

Global Finance - New Horizons

FIN/IB 555
The course deals with the analysis of problems in international business finance and the impact of evolving international payment systems on business. The focus will be on how decisions about financial management are and should be made in the modern multinational enterprise. The impact that these decisions have on the worldwide allocation of economic resources and distribution of wealth will be assessed. Other topics of discussion include: what are the financial risks inherent in these decisions? What role can new financial instruments play in the management of these risks?

Global Strategy and Organization

MGMT 561
This course focuses on the "strategic" challenges facing the multinational firm. The types of questions that we address are: Why do firms go abroad? What differentiates a "global" from a "multi-domestic" industry? What are the sources of competitive advantage in a global context? Why and when do/should companies engage in cross-border strategic alliances? What are the associated risks and how to guard against them? What potential roles can foreign subsidiaries play in an MNC's global strategy? How do companies choose an optimal global structure? How do companies ensure coordination between the center and the subsidiaries and among subsidiaries? How do companies manage strategic change from one type of global strategy to another?