Reports by Dr. Ghadar

Liquified Natural Gas

Implications for the Evolving Global Energy Market

Natural gas has long been an attractive energy source; relatively clean, and with comparatively ample global reserves, it currently accounts for nearly one-fourth of the world’s energy consumption. Yet the natural gas market has remained chiefly regional, by simple virtue of the product’s physical state: as a gas, the primary way to transport and distribute it has been via costly and static pipelines. And once pipelines are built, gas can only be delivered to the network they establish. That is, until the advent of liquefied natural gas, or LNG.

National Oil Companies

Petroleum Industries Implications

The world demand for oil has been growing steadily for over 60 years, and industry analysts indicate that it will continue for the foreseeable future. Demand growth in Asia and other developing countries is accelerating, and growth continues steadily in OECD countries. This points to a continued strong market for sellers and a tight market for buyers.

Oil Prices: Going... going...

Ever since the beginning of the oil industry we have experienced dramatic fluctuations in the price of petroleum. fluctuated some 400%. Today we are debating whether oil prices at $80 a barrel is heading further in the stratosphere or will collapse again to what we only a couple of years ago considered reasonable at $20. Over the past two decades oil prices have