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FG is a leading expert in political risk assessment, finance, and global business strategy formulation and implementation.  With over 20 years of experience training business leaders and consulting corporations, governments, and government agencies around the globe, FG works with organizations to develop practical but forward-thinking solutions as they navigate even the most challenging of economic and political climates.     


  • Consulted with a major international telecommunications company in evaluating its global strategy.
  • Advised U.S. telecommunications companies in establishing criteria for global strategic alliances.
  • Assisted a major health service company to formulate global pricing strategy.
  • Advised executives of a Fortune 200 company on international corporate strategy following major reorganizations of business operations.
  • Reviewed foreign exchange risk management in its South American operations for a major pharmaceutical company.
  • Served as an expert witness for the Internal Revenue Service on international economics and finance.
  • Produced an extensive study documenting strategic downstream investments of the national oil companies of the major oil-producing nations.
  • Conducted an evaluation of debt equity swap arrangements in a number of Latin American countries for a major money center bank.
  • Conducted a comparative study of the official programs of selected OECD countries that provide financing to private investors for projects in developing countries.
  • Evaluated the financial aspects of country risk including exchange controls, devaluation and likelihood of payment delays for a multinational oil service company with operations in more than countries.
  • Undertook a study of the demand and production of the world petrochemical industry and its impact on petrochemical investment in the Gulf area for a major oil producing nation.
  • Studied the downstream and diversification strategy of a major U.S. multinational oil company.
  • Consulted with and helped prepare Saudi Aramco senior-level leaders, so they would be ready for their major global presence.
  • Reviewed manufacturing policy in North Africa and the Middle East in view of the changing demographics and rise of Arab Spring.
  • Studied the implication of the substantial consolidation of a large multinational oil and gas company.

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