Real Clear Radio

FG was recently featured on Real Clear Radio Hour with Bill Frezza. Listen in to hear about the importance of immigration reform for the U.S.’s continued prosperity. Without reform, jobs, especially in the technology industry, will be driven oversees, FG explains.

Voice of America

Voice of America interviewed Dr. Ghadar on the economic ramifications of our increasingly aging world. Already Japan, Germany, and Italy have populations where 20 percent or more of the population is 65 or older. Though the United States has not yet experienced the effects, this is mainly because of immigrant populations’ heightened birth rates, Ghadar explains. Listen to the interview here.

Voice of America

FG spoke on Voice of America about the recent government shutdown, which lasted for over two weeks. Though the United States’ budget problems and the possibility of the country’s inability to pay back debt will probably not affect the private sector, FG explains how they have harmed the perception of the United States’ economy from governments looking to purchase U.S. treasury bills. Nonetheless, this should not affect foreign direct investment into the United States. 

Expert Opinion

FG was lately quoted as an expert on Iran in an article by Mark Watts titled “Iran awaits its new president.” In the article — which discusses Hassan Rouhani’s position as a leader who might be able to rekindle unity among the Islamic Republic and to open discussions with the West — FG explains how Rouhani’s election was “a vote against the conservative group” in Iran. FG also relays why he believes Rouhani has the possibility of significantly strengthening Iranian relations with others. Read the Article

CNN: Iran nuclear talks: Why there’s room to strike a deal

This week Iran and world powers finally commence long-delayed nuclear negotiations in Geneva. Was it a coincidence that just a few days ago, Barack Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani engaged in a monumental 15-minute phone call and reopened a line of communication that has been closed for more than thirty years? See It On CNN

Dispel the immigration myths

Despite the election cycle rhetoric surrounding immigration, which would make it seem like the rest of the world is swarming across U.S. borders like ants to a picnic, gobbling up our resources, the reality is quite different. Read the entire article on CNN Opinions.

CNBC’s “Street Signs”

Fariborz Ghadar, director of the Center for Global Business Studies, appeared on CNBC’s “Street Signs” on Dec. 6 to discuss Iran’s Kish Island and with host Erin Burnett. Ghadar was involved in the establishment of the Kish Island free trade zone in 1977 when he was president of the Export Promotion Center of the government of Iran.

NPR’s ‘Marketplace’

FG on the expansion of Chinese theater group Wanda into the US through purchases of 5000 AMC cinemas.

FG comments on FedEx’s recent downgrade.

FG speaking on U.S. trade in Asia and the interconnectedness of the two economies.

FG discusses the effect of the swine flu outbreak on international business.

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