Becoming American: Why Immigration Is Good For Our Nation's Future

Published by Rowman & Littlefield, Becoming American: Why Immigration is Good for Our Nation’s Future combines in-depth research with personal narratives from some of our nation’s most influential immigrants.

FG’s intention in writing this book was not to harp on common misconceptions, nor to suggest that the topic of immigration can be handled with ease and simplicity, but rather to candidly share the successes and potential obstacles we all face in dealing with this topic.

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Reviews Of Becoming American

The facts that Ghadar presents throughout the book, backed by his experience as founding director of Penn State's Center for Global Business Studies and distinguished scholar and senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC, make his call to action hard to ignore. Immigration policies rooted in common sense, he says, will—in the long run—benefit the United States as well as the 42 million immigrants who call this country home. Maureen Harmon, Harvard Business School Alumni Bulletin

Becoming American, a timely new book from Professor Fariborz Ghadar of Penn State Smeal College of Business, emphasises the importance of sound and sustainable immigration policies for the future economic success of the US, and carries a message applicable to a wide global audience... Ghadar, himself an immigrant, offers a series of accounts of his own family’s and other individual immigrants’ successful progress. This personal approach makes his book enjoyable to read — but fundamentally this is a book based on hard facts.

An American by choice, Fariborz Ghadar offers an unblinking perspective on the challenges and aspirations of immigrants, weaving together concrete analysis and personal narrative into an insightful book with useful policy prescriptions. — John Hamre, CEO of the Center for Strategic & International Studies Dr. Ghadar, a renowned authority on future trends, captures in his book Becoming American the importance of sound and sustainable immigration policies for the future economic success of the United States. The analysis of historical immigration policies and their impact on America are insightful and well documented. The 21st needs of our country also highlight the demands of new technologies, industries and clusters and the talent necessary for the United States to be competitive on a global basis. Appropriate and common sense immigration policies can make this a reality. Dr. Ghadar’s book should be read by every member of Congress before making any decision on immigration policies.
James C. Boland, Retired Vice Chairman of Ernst & Young, Chairman of JobsOhio

Fariborz Ghadar passes the torch to his reader in this book. After reading it, you cannot help but be further enlightened and inspired to have a voice in one of the most important debates of our times.
Laura Kohler, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Kohler Co.

For policy makers, business leaders, and American citizens, immigration reform is one of the defining issues of our time. In turns both personal and analytical, remaining factual and well-argued throughout, Fariborz Ghadar’s Becoming American makes the case for common sense immigration policies and practices that will not only help strengthen America’s economy and role as world leader, but will also help millions of prospective immigrants and their families start making more out of their lives today, and for generations to come.
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